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Imaginary Range HD

4.0 ( 5400 ratings )
游戏 图书 액션 어드벤처

Imaginary Range HD offers a new genre of entertainment: a hybrid comic and game experience.

As you read through Square Enixs latest new tale, youll view story cutscenes between comic pages and play through a variety of game segments.
Finish the story once, and youll unlock extra comic commentary and the ability to play the game portions separately.
The coins you collect in the comic and games can be used to unlock new entries in the apps Gallery mode.

English, French and Japanese text options available.

Flick right to left: Go to next page
Flick left to right: Go to previous page
Tap: Open menu
Double-tap: Switch between panel and page mode

Consult the in-app manual for other controls.

* This app works only in vertical mode.